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Originally Posted by Nuke818 View Post
I spoke with USAA today and they quoted me the following:

4yr/100,000 for $1,761
5yr/100,000 for $1,993
6yr/100,000 for $2,647

This is for the comprehensive plan and there is not deductible for a claim. It obviously doesn't cover wear and tear.

If you want to get a warranty on a vehicle that is already out of warranty it is pretty expensive. For example, if you want coverage on a 2010 M3 Coupe it is $6,500 for the 6yr/100,000 plan.

Here is the link incase anyone is curious what it covers.
Hope this.
I'm guessing u have to call for this I just got some comprehensive qoute for 7k! 4 years or 100k total miles.

Maybe it has to do with the fact the car I plan on purchasing already has 44k