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Originally Posted by jeremyr4 View Post
Thanks very much for this. To confirm, are you saying that the two sides that stand up become an "upright" cupholder vs. putting your cup down into a cupholder like it's done on 99.9% of cars out there? I think I got confused because I expected a cupholder to be below level vs above level! BTW, for what it's worth, I read my entire manual and they never explained the cupholders...

Meanwhile, I expected the "unique" design of the cupholders in front to be a disaster in terms of stability but, surprisingly, I have no issues whatsoever after 3+ weeks. And I have cans in the car almost every day!

Thanks again,

Yes. The two halves split, hinged on the outer long-edges, and leave a gap of about three-inches in the middle...then there is inner-filler stuff to sort of grab onto whatever is in the middle.

When I am carrying more than one drink (almost always unflavored water bottles), the current bottle will ride in the front cup holder, and the still-sealed bottle will ride in the back in the middle. Not once in a few thousand miles of travel has the back bottle (which is always full and unopened) tipped out. It is very stable -- if weird-looking.

The "2011 M3 Series Owners Manual with iDrive" book has cupholders on pages 116 and 117. (see attached screen prints.)

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