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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
All true and having nothing to do with his opinion piece. Most conservative think tanks have a couple of resident liberals to try to balance the offerings. He's a believer in obamacare and he assembles a simplistic and superficial argument that satisfies no one. He parrots administration comments to perfection. And a healthcare expert is not necessarily a healthcare legislation expert. His agenda becomes very clear in the last few paragraphs of his "article" when he refers to the conservative's "holy war", war on women and portrays Romney with disparaging terms. Of course the NYT printed this, it perfectly satisfies their political agenda. You asked for opinions and you will get them.
No, I asked for folks to get beyond shrill diatribes that seek to divide rather than find common ground. I have watched your ad ad hominen attacks on others while obfuscating their salient points in an attempt to score cheap political points. With this article I am looking to find more enlightened folks that are able to see past those that would seek to continue most Americans fight each other over scraps while the vast wealth continues to fill the coffers of the mega rich. I wish you good fortune and enlightenment and thank you for sharing your perspectives. Therefore for the purpose of this thread I will consider you persona non grata and invite others to respond. Thanks for you cooperation.