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F*ck that. I've spilt every damn drink imaginable. In every container imaginable. Every time I get her cleaned (properly) the guy asks me why I don't cover my drinks. .... When I do really.

Man, the other day I got pissed behind 7 cars;.... all behind an electric car, rolling at like half the speed limit, and I hit it so hard, my wireless radar flew into me from the corner of the dashboard where I'd placed it, the Coca Cola flew into the passenger seat, my glasses flew from the ashtray into the console and my hat nearly flew off. (That was embarrassing holding onto my hat)

Anyhow, I found that the best cup holder is the one in the centre console, ...That Can ain't going nowhere.

And the cup holders in the back that the kids use is excellent.

The E93 has 2 in front - 1 in console - and 2 in back. ..... Brilliant.

I'm gonna worry about stupid stains about 2 days before I sell the sucker in about 10 years from now. (Seats don't stain in the E93 due to some sun protection product that they apparently put on) ... whatever.