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For sure personal preference. I love my DCT. I have drove both extensively (and both supercharged MT and DCT). If you are getting competitive, DCT is a faster setup which makes for a faster car. Love the MT but this is the truth. DCT is nice for the variety it offers if you are not racing or tracking as there are so many drive-logic choices. Full auto is butter smooth( better than most hydro autos) and full sport is, well, FAST! MT will give you the feel you know if you have always had a MT. Good luck and either way it is a win!

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if you had the choice which would you go with, DCT or MT on 08/09? with additional 3 yr warranty on car.

I read the MT is good for 100k at least and the DCT is too new. but is expensive to replace about $10k. after the software issues in 08, not much of an issue.

I can see maybe getting bored of the DCT after the initial thrill of the crisp fast shifts.