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Originally Posted by Mfresh07 View Post
Saw this thing at bimmerstock today... COMPLETE work of art. From behind its just... Damn good to look at. Gotta get used to the side view though. But job well done by yourself and MAC.
Thanks bro

Originally Posted by phrozen06 View Post
EXCELLENT. I can dig it.
Stay tuned

Originally Posted by bbkg79 View Post
Looks perfect, DON'T DO THE FRONT!!!!
dont worry bro, it will be done in a way were it wont even be noticeable. keeping the front widebody as OEM as possible.

Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
Saw this at bimmerfest today, car is nice other than the widebody rear...looks too wide for the car and ruins the look of it....completely unnecessary imho but props for trying it out
some people like bitches with fat asses... some like pancake asses.... what can I say I am a man who likes a little meat on the bone! to each his own good sir

Originally Posted by MiloMia View Post
more aggressive set of wheels
Meh I love my rims, they look so sexy at night.

Originally Posted by El Bimmer View Post
Wow that's unique!
only widebody e90 m3 in the world!

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
good googly moogly dat thang is juicy!! gotDAMN! luv it
give thanks and praise to the most high!

Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
I think the rear is executed well but its intense and I think the overall look needs to reflect the intensity of the rear. Meaning, I think you need a more aggressive front bumper or front lip. Also, the understated HREs should be swapped with something that accentuates the wideness of the rear. Maybe a nice 3pc wheel like BBS E88s or HRE 501s... something that looks track inspired with some visual impact.

Nicely done
Thanks man its a work in progress, alot of work to do.

Originally Posted by biglare View Post
Sick Sick Sick

This was my next mod if I kept the M3. Well Done!
This bitch is my coffin right here, even after death we shall not depart!
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