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Originally Posted by My3rdM3 View Post
Fake is fake is fake is fake...If you are purchasing, wearing a fake IWC it means you like the real thing, if you can't afford or don't want to spend the money, get a seiko, citizen, bulova, u-boat etc... Would you put on fake bbs lm's on your car? The small penis comment sounds like something a little kid would say...If you're trying to take this to a different level...I'm not going there...I just can't imagine wearing anything fake, I can't afford some of my "dream"watches, I would never imagine paying for a fake one and flaunting it as if I paid $50,000 for a watch when it was $500... That's all

$500!?? That's way too much for a fake! I have a fake Rolex Sub Mariner ($100) and side by side with my buddy's real one... can't tell the difference. And I don't "flaunt" it. I simply wear it. I would never spend that much money on the real thing. It's a watch. A watch.

That said, the M3 is a $50k car. I spent $45k on mine with 17k miles on the clock. Brand fucking new and already broken in. There's no way I'm spending 70+ on one. There's spending money in a smart way and then there's just pissing money away because you... can?

Whatever floats your boat man. Different strokes make the world go round.

G-Shock and the BBS's. I'm sticking with my original advice!