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Originally Posted by surlynkid View Post
so you just drive your M3 to the track, change tires there, and sweat your ass off? how do you get it home when you crash it or blow the motor? sorry - did that with SCCA 20 years ago. got smart. the cummins can pull a pair of M3's to the track. it serves a specific purpose that will not happen without a big diesel. i guess you stick your race tires in your back seat.

more risk in that real estate than my mutual funds.

sorry you folks just cannot understand that some people with credit scores over 800 and plenty of disposable income just buy cars with cash. at 0%, sure i'll take your money. anything else is just a hassle. they have my title, if it is wrecked, the check for repair is co-written, etc.
No, my buddy drives a F450 Super Duty and trailers his E36 M3 track car. I load my tires/wheels etc. in his rig. Or if I go solo my wife drives the X5 or 4Runner with my track wheels/tires. Sweat your ass off changing 4 wheels? Takes about 15 minutes.

Im just busting your balls re: Dodge Ram truck. I just dont want to fool with a trailer, etc.

Take your mutual fund. I'll take my Walgreens long term NNN leased property.

I fully understand those with disposable income/cash to buy a car outright. I've done it myself ------when interst rates were above 5%.

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