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Remus Race Mufflers, Eisenmann Connecting Pipes, and Fab Speed X-Pipe! Two Videos!

For some reason in the video, my rear tires look like they are 195/30/20; but in fact they are 275/30/20. I think you tube compressed it or I need a new camcorder. Here are a few pics including 2 rolling shots of my M3 so you can see what she looks like...

I have The Remus Race Mufflers, Eisenmann Connecting Pipes, and The Fab Speed X-Pipe. I think it gives it a good sound using this combination, it is loud though and you cannot really creep with this set up. You can control the loudness however with the throttle and make it a little less loud

The 1st video is Rev'ing and then a take off.
The 2nd video is a fly by in 4th gear.

I hope you like it! ENJOY!!!


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