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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
I dont think youll be satisfied with the car by any means if you had a 650rwhp camaro and like power. Its a quick car but never "feels" as fast as it really is (the beautiy of it) because of the linear torque and hp curve. Even with a supercharger my car never felt that fast, but yet I was able to beat 650awhp GTR's.
Just wondering what type of race you were pulling on 650awhp gtr? Seems a bit odd...I'm guessing maybe 60-130...

Just for reference: DLSJ5 ESS625 kit with meth is 586 rwhp and runs 6.80s 60-130 according to his sig and there are P600 GTRs with approx 530-540 awhp running 7.01 in 60-130...

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