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250k minimum? This is a joke right? Chase private client is a joke. Youre telling me you have to pay for basic services of a bank or brokage house and receive decent or acceptable standards of service? All of these massive banking companies private client stuff is crap. You get the same service from any smaller group like Pacific Western and any brokerage house like Merrill Lynch or Schwab. I have been with them since my account had $4,000 in it. They have helped me considerably along the way.

I could give you tons of examples but feel its not necessary. Dont waste your time on someone who requires how much money your account has. Good service is available for everyone. This is just large corporations trying to cash in and provide "Ritz Carlton" like banking service, or so you think that's what you are getting.

Also those "blackcards" are a joke. Amex, Chase, Citi, etc. $500-$5,000 yearly membership fee. A joke. Why would I pay you a yearly fee + high interest LOL! Plus no rewards program? I canceled my Amex Blackcard because there are no points earned. Went back to a Platinum card. We put every business purchase on it and last year cashed in the points for 4 round trip airline tickets to Germany, first class. Did my euro delivery and used the point also for 2 nights in france, bought my parents a 7 day cruise to Alaska, and didn't pay one dime in interest since its paid off every month. Exclusivity always comes at a price, but use common sense.
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