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This campaign is racism. Its going right to the point saying "life is easier for white people who don't endure discrimination."

Who ever paid for this to go up is a disgrace. Pitty gets you nothing. Why dont you just give all of your campaign money to the NAACP, American Indian Fund, and Illegal Immigrants Medical

Getting approved for a Bank loan? Credit loan? WTF. The internet must be racist too and so are computers. Over 99% of credit reports and loan approvals are done over the internet and there's no check box for being black, Asian, or Hispanic. This is crap.

Stared at every time we walk in a room? Cant remember the last time I ever did that because of someones race. Maybe if you were a white supremist with tattoos on your face, gang member with tear drop murder tattoos you damn bet I am going to look. Racism should have died in the 70's. My best employees in my company are 2 African Americans. I'm sure its different in the south, but unfortunate the way its viewed across america.
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