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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
Haha, good one - if I had the stable you have, I'd also look for a car that's different and special in any particular way rather than moderately good at most things. You are in a position to buy cars for their quirks and ​character rather than for versatility or lack of faults. From this perspective, GT500 is definitely more special then M3.
You sir, are absolutely correct. The M3 does many things very well. Its very well balanced and, BMW's have always been my choice of a daily driver. From the 3 series to the 7. But the GT500 at its price and power brings back memories nothing else can. Unless I were to buy something from 1968-1970.

However my opinion is in the few because most people here seem to want to drive these performance cars everyday. I just dont know how you guys do it. Im not even old yet, but I find the relaxing comfort of the x5 seats and cls luxury my first choice when leaving for work. Saturday at 7am while having coffee, now that's a whole different story.
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