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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
I have my 6MT M3, and have been driving it for 2 years and i never was able to get comfortable with my seating position. I grip the knob like you would grip a bar and NOT the over-hand over the top. (no this is not my first MT, but yes it is my first E9X car)

When I shift to 2nd and 4th, my elbow hits the center console/storage box (the right side too if I slide the left console back). Recently, I just simply flip it open, and my elbow doesn't hit and I shift much more smoothly.

I'm 5'10", I don't have a disproportionate torso or freakishly long forearms, I don't sit too low or too high, but for me the center box is just not ergonomically designed well. Anyone else annoyed by this too?
If your problem is still not resolved, I will share my experience.
I drive non-M e93. I believe the seat and driving positions are same.
I had the same problem in my car and then in my friends new M3 I see the same issue.
The knob is very high which gives an angle (shorter angle) to your arm and you hit the center console.
I changed my knob which was around 1cm or half inch shorter than the OEM.
That changed my arm's angle and it has been very comfortable since then.
I do touch center console, but now it provides support to my arm instead of hindering my movement.
Here is the link to the knob which i ordered from **********s. Hope this helps.