Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by My3rdM3 View Post
Using your reasoning, just buy a bmw 320 diesel and throw some M3 badges on it.
No using my reasoning - if there was a car that looked identical to an M3, performed the same as an M3 and cost $3000 rather than $60,000 then yes I would buy it.

Originally Posted by My3rdM3 View Post
Fake things are for fake people,
Expensive watches are sold for the sizzle not the sausage - you aren't buying $10,000s of watch you are paying $500 for the watch and $9,500s for the "privilege" of having a designer name on the watch.
Having said that - a well balanced person who has the cash and the interest to buy a $10,000 watch, who is pleased with his purchase and keeps it to himself is fine with me but people who instead say "Fake things are for fake people" are probably people with a small penis.