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Another Happy CIC retrofit!

Hey everyone,

Just had my 2008 CCC replaced with the 2012 CIC, and wow what a big difference it makes!! You know that feeling of incredible excitement when you purchase a new car? well I have that excitement all over again

Mike Benvo performed the install for me, and everything is amazing. No, really. It's perfect. It's almost like it came from the factory this way.

I have to admit and apologize that I am one of those ANNOYING customers who demand and complain about anything that isn't perfect. This is my baby and dream car afterall and I expect the very best. I did a lot of research before eventually going with Mike and I'm glad I did. He did a great job and is a true professional. Little touches such as bubble wrapping the CIC unit and LCD screen for the short drive before the install show his attention to detail and level of care. He took the extra time to create a custom harness for my car which lacked a USB port (which turned out to be a huge amount of extra work)

BMW ordered the wrong trim piece for me but because I wanted this install completed this weekend before I went out of town, he even gave me the 6MT trim from his OWN CAR for me to have cause I didn't want an incomplete (and aesthetically unpleasing) job.

Obviously it's just a placcebo effect but the car feels great now and fast as well. I love it and I'm very happy. Got the custom coding as well for Instant MPG and efficient dynamics. This is the way the car should have come from the factory!!!

[+] Perfectionist, by every definition
[+] Gave me his 6MT trim
[+] Treats you as a friend, instead of just another customer
[+] Very honest and trust worthy

[-] Didn't put my seat back where I like it

But hey, we all can't be perfect, now can we ? Haha.
Thanks again Mike!!! Looking forward to what you can do with a tune!