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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
as an example I found out in june i was getting a bonus payout at work in october. So I bought a Brietling Super Avenger. I put it on a 0% interest CC and pay bits and pieces and when my bonus comes in this week I will pay the rest.

0% financing or interest on a CC is a great tool to take advantage of as long as you will/can pay it. Im a cheap fuck so I hate giving people extra money. thats my incentive to pay it before the interest goes to 23.3 % APR or w.e the fuck it is .
Nice watch man! I tend to like the look of the chronos as only peave is that the automatic seconds are one of the little buddy just runs the chronograph just so the big second hand is moving lol =) other news, installed matte black m3 badge so the last bit of chrome is the gills which I have on order...nice and easy install...much more relaxing than some of the other installs where I stress the heck out on because I'm always afraid to lose screws in the engine bay or do damage to paint etc hehe

...oh and the issue I find I'm having with all these minor cosmetic mods - is that they are somewhat unsatisfying...i do them more out of annoyance than really thinking they're awesome...i think everything other than getting rims and lowering are unsatisfying hehe since it still looks stock' I'm tempted by LUX angel eyes...but I don't even get to see the damn headlights when they're on!