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Originally Posted by Dgarcia41982 View Post
Had to take my wifes cherokee srt8 in for service last week. So she's takes my car to work for the day (which makes me freak btw). Anyway i get home and she's like is everything ok with my Jeep. I said yes, is everything ok with my bimmer. She's says yeah, thank God i want my Jeep back. Your car is slow! My jaw hit the floor lol. I didn't even get into it with her. Obviously she doesnt know the difference between quick and fast. She probably never took it past 4000rpms. Just wanted to share that with you guys.
Whoa, for a second I thought you were my evil twin.

My wife had the SRT8 Jeep as well. It was fast and felt it too....around town that is. My M3 is manual so she didn't drive it too much. She liked it better than M3 and said so, but wasn't about to call my car slow. The clincher was when I took her out to the track and she rode as passenger. She only made it though one session and got motion sick....oops.

The SRT8 took a dump recently, we lemoned it and got her a CTS-V Wagon. Now she really has got the horsepower edge on me, but I gotta tell you, the M3 is still a better car.