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:::Cliffs::: Had to put my dog down, it sucks.

So, on this past Friday, after nearly 13 years, my wife and i had to put down our dog Bo. His breed, American Bulldog, has a typical life span of 8 to 12 years. So knowing that he was on borrowed time we talked about his passing often in an effort to prepare our selves. Didn't work.

He had been bulletproof for his whole life except for the last 48 hours. From ages 2 - 9 he weighed right around 100 pounds. At age 11 he was 85 and at age 12 he was 75 pounds. On friday he was 93 pounds. Vet suspected some type of tumor. Pulling some fluid from his bloated abdomen revealed some bloody fluid which substantiated the Vet's suspicions. In 48 hours he really went down hill with mobility, breathing was very shallow and he just looked miserable. With these changes and the vet's info we felt it was time.

Fastest 12 years 10 months in my life. Truly a difficult decision to make. Did my share of crying. And i don't mean i shed a couple of man tears. I'm talking about slobbering, snot bubbling, full on sobbing that can leave you dehydrated. The house is so different without him here. He will be sorely missed.

Sorry for the buzz kill. This helps with some closure though. I know it was the right thing to do but still very sad about it.

Some pics of the boy.

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