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Originally Posted by Graham M View Post
Only now through creations of science (such as the Hubble) are we starting to piece together a more well-formed opinion of how things really work.
You're right, there is and always will be (at least in the next 1000 years) always be much much more to learn about it, but like the astrology pioneers of 1000 years ago, that never led them to be dumbfounded from exploring the realms of it, and what it means.
I think it was their undeterred fascination with what is: that created the groundbreaking understanding that we partake in today.

Its intriguing to see how much the church tried to squash the findings of the earliest astronomers, such as Galileo.
Do you believe that we really do have a well-formed opinion of how things work? I bet people 1500 years ago thought they did. I would put my money on 1500 years from now people laughing at us an our primitive understanding of the universe.

An honest question about Hubble because I really don't know.....has the Hubble actually led us to scientific proof of anything or just allowed us to form more theories?

Agreed on finding it interesting how certain religions tried to squash progressive thinking.