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^ Science, due to our primitive lack of understanding of it has always allowed the creation of religion, and its entrance into our belief system. How that interplays with a religion-less "god" is another story, but Im talking about the premise of religion, and thus lastly; god here.
1500-2000 years ago, the perceived universe, space and the stars would boggle anyone's mind due to a hopeless lack of understanding of what it really is up there in the sky, and how it inter-relates to us and the other aspects of it. It makes perfect sense people would chock it up to a "higher power" being behind it in any fashion.

Only now through creations of science (such as the Hubble) are we starting to piece together a more well-formed opinion of how things really work.
You're right, there is and always will be (at least in the next 1000 years) always be much much more to learn about it, but like the astrology pioneers of 1000 years ago, that never led them to be dumbfounded from exploring the realms of it, and what it means.
I think it was their undeterred fascination with what is: that created the groundbreaking understanding that we partake in today.

Its intriguing to see how much the church tried to squash the findings of the earliest astronomers, such as Galileo.