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Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
I'm with ya...posted the same thing a few days ago and no replies lol. Hopefully some more people will see this and maybe we'll get a little interest. Been to a couple big meets in MD but would like something closer and more often.

BTW I would love to see the matte finish in person. I've been debating about doing it as I've seen some vinyl wraps that have come out. I won't be going the plastidip route unless I see a car that convinces me that it can look 99% perfect up close. Sick color!
Hell yea man im keeping my fingers crossed... As for my wrap, thank you i appreciate it! I wouldnt say mine is 99% perfect... but for a DIY i am more than happy with the way it looks. If i had to put a number to it, i'd say its 85-90%... and the imperfections aren't really visible unless you get really close and look hard. Either way, People are so drawn by the color itself, they're not even looking for imperfections. You'll see it for yourself hopefully, if people decided to act on this meet situation...