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I usually work with Mitsu cars so I'm already biased towards those even if I wouldn't want to own an Evo.

Most people don't understand that the Evos strengths are in its AWD handling capabilities. I personally like longer gears so I'd go with the 5 speed-manual, but the 6 speed semi-auto has super short gearing which some people like more. It pulls pretty well, hugs the ground like no other and like most F/I cars, is easy to modify, just turn up the boost a bit for an extra 50 horses. Also, I THINK the insurance on a 4 door is better than any 2 door.

S2k is a car I like but as a daily is a bad idea to me because 2 seats and low cargo space. As a track or weekend car, it is easy to mod with all the engine bay room and it hugs the ground pretty well. Also, aftermarket is readily available from turbo kits to differential ratios.

I don't like Mustangs that much but the new ones have a respectable V8. Thats how car companies should have done it with the V8 to begin with. They're good for straight lines and they have a decent amount of space for you to put your stuff in. The problem with it is that it is a heavy car and handles like one. Also, the turn radius isn't great. But then again, as a daily, chances are you won't be taking hairpin turns at 60mph anyways.