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Originally Posted by jimf15e
Thanks for the sympathetic responses. Dealer has been pretty apologetic (Leith BMW in Raleigh, NC). They're overnighting me a new oil cap, offered to no-kidding drive the mechanic out to my house to inspect for leaks, replace the cap, clean the car and clean my garage. Instead I'm driving up to them so they can clean it up and fix it, then they'll give me some of their industrial floor cleaner to take home. I'd rather do it at the dealership vice my garage!
Sorry for your issue, but thanks to your post I'll be extra careful and check the oil cap after my first free oil change. Unfortunately, if your garage floor is not already sealed (eg epoxy), the oil is almost impossible to get out of the porous getting grease out of a car wash sponge. If you can't clean it, I'd recommend a citric acid (may be called muriatic acid at big box store) wash (10v%). This will open up the pores in the cement and allow the cleaner to reach the oil. This is the first step I did before sealing my garage floors with epoxy, it cleans and lets the epoxy stick better.
As always, do at your own risk. YMMV
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