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Arrow Mustang 5.0 or S2000 or Evo X

After all the times Iíve wanted to sell my car and go a different route, this time itís finally happening. Iíve already sold my ďracecarĒ mods, all thatís left to get rid of are the coilovers and wheels. Picking up a new car within a month or so. Not really sure what to get. My two options are a Honda S2000 and a Ford 5.0 Mustang. Both great cars, both have pros and cons. Iíve narrowed my search down to these two because; both are fun (in their own way), reliable, cheap to maintain/fix, and are relatively new cars (so I can pick one up with low miles). The Evo X is still in the back of my mind as an option, but they arenít cheap to fix, get worse gas mileage than the other two options, and I donít really enjoy the way they look as much as the S2000. It still might be a car to consider. I'm afraid to add the Evo to the list as an option, because I feel like, to most people, it trumps the S2000 in every way.

What are my intentions for my next car? It will be a daily driver (think 12-15 thousand miles a year), that will occasionally be autocrossed/tracked. Iíve never done any type of tracking before, so I figured the S2000 would be a good car to learn in.

Iíve driven both, and honestly I enjoyed the S2000 over the Mustang just because of its nimble feel and superb handling. Also, since Iím still young and donít have a family, now might be a good time to own a completely impractical 2 seater with a tiny trunk. I don't need extra space. The Mustang felt very boring to drive. I feel like the glorious feel of the S2000 may be short lived, and I will end up craving more power. Thatís where the 5.0 comes into play. That 5-liter V8 is no joke, making 420 crank horse power completely stock. Throw on a full exhaust, intake, and tune and you will net another 80-100 crank horsepower (approximately). A supercharger kit to make 600+ wheel horsepower only runs around $5,000, and the stock block is fully capable of handling the power.

The S2000 (in my opinion) has better looks, a nicer interior, MUCH better handling, and is a good amount cheaper. The Mustang is faster, andÖuglier, although they can look pretty good with lots of mods. Also, you see Mustangs on the road all day every day, whereas S2000s are a bit harder to come by. The Mustang will have a warranty, whereas the S2000 won't. Do I want to sacrifice looks and handling for raw power?

No clue what to do, Iíve driven both and Iím still stuck. Any input is greatly appreciated. Figured here would be a good place to get an unbiased opinion.

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