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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
whats your opinion though between the lm and wintersports versus the ws70.

Im just unsure what to go with.

I live in NJ so winters can be mild or bad

Most of my ride will be major highway
i have owned ws60, not sure on the ws70's or lm60. what i can tell you about the ws60's was that they were good in the deep, wet, slushy, and all the nasty winter gives you. in the dry and during spirited driving they were very lacking and felt like marshmallows. i can say the opposite of the winter sport 3d's. great in packed snow, light snow, slush, dry, rain, and feel very responsive during spirited driving. i can say that you may have to wait for the plow to do your development in the deep stuff. i had no issues with winter sports but wouldn't mind a spare set of ws60's for the real nasty stuff. ultimately you will have to trade off dry performance for snow/ice performance.

keep in mind two years ago south east mass and ri were hammered with snow and i managed just fine with the winter sport 3d's. i dont have any steep grade hills to manage and my town doesn't use road salt as its an agricultural town with well water. from the sounds of it you are an experienced winter driver so you may lean toward the lm60 and winter sports vs the dedicated snow ability of the ws60.