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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
^ OP has credit problems, bank #1 will give him only $30K (hence the thread), so yes, OP is not really in the market for an M3.
Insufficient length of credit history or not enough open lines of credit with a 720 is not a negative credit rating. It means he has to open more lines of credit little by little and make good on them. Find another lender and try again so that you can build your credit, ignore the naysayers as they know zilch about credit and how it works.

You can't build credit paying cash.

Open a few secured credit cards with a few hundred in each account and pay on time, credit will improve. Get another lender for M3 auto loan, make timely payments and credit will improve.

The whole banking industry works on leverage. Your auto or mortgage loan is given to you when the lender often times only has 10% of the loan amount in reserve. In other words banks leverage themselves by lending money they don't have, even they don't have the cash.

I guess Steve jobs should of waited till he had the cash and not pursued Apple via venture capital money either.