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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
I want one. Still waiting for a dealer that will sell me one for MSRP and not 15K markup. I think it would be fun and more power than my CGT. It would be a blast. A buddy let me drive his 2010 Cobra and man that thing was fun. I definitely want it in addition to the garage. Couldnt give a shit about the "whole package" or the stigma like most M3 owners that a car has to do everything known to man and basically give you a damn blowjob and back massage to be happy with it. The Cobra was a blast to drive. Its a muscle car. Some people just wont appreciate it, but for those who do, you know where I am coming from. However if Ford keeps F'ing around with me I will just hold off for the Viper.
The problem may be that you're only looking for the car in your area. Everyone knows that they try to rip people off on the west coast. Expand your search to other states and you will definitely find the GT500 for MSRP or less.