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Hit & Run, need advice


Yesterday morning I drove to New York City, and came back at night. My car was parked in a garage during the day, and at night, I had to park it on street for like 2 hours, and left around 11pm. I didnt notice it there because it was night, and the damage wasnt noticable from sides or inside. When I came back home, I noticed my car was hit from front end, there was a little bit of yellow paint, front end of the hood was bent (I'd say 1.5 inches) , kidney grills were moved a little bit, and there were small scratches on the bumper. The damage weren't noticeable from inside, so the hood didn't really move. Looked like an SUV hit in reverse, judging from the color, it was possibly one of those ford suv cabs. But of course, it's irrelevant now.

So at this pont, I have to ask, should I make an insurance claim or should I pay for it myself? And how can I make an insurance claim for this? How much would it cost to paint the bumper + fix and paint the hood + possibly replace the holders of the kidney grills and where should I take it? I live in Newton.

I would appreciate any kind of advice.
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