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Originally Posted by Maestro
This works because people these days have no clue, they provide their ideas everyday to companies without any thought to what it is worth. On top of that companies for years and this goes back to the 90's make people sign agreement that state do not own ideas they develop while working for a company, it is all the property of a company. Some company still pay for ideas and cost savings and the such, but most are not paying out anymore.

If you really have a good idea and you know it will make money, never share it at work. work on it at home and quit the company can do it yourself.
Goes back to the 90's??? LOL. Move back in time several more decades at a minimum! Any high tech corporation (not speaking of the computer tech of the 90's) will have employees sign off (whether they know it or not at the time) any such ideas or developments as a result of their employment belong to the company. Makes sense if you think about it. Not saying its fair to the guy coming up with the ideas, but, he was put into a role/position that nourishes ideas.

As for keeping the idea to yourself and quit, then develop that idea and make your fortune, well....that doesn't always work either. If a person does this, lets say for a design that is worth millions, more likely than not his previous employer will file suit and own tat idea/patten/product in no time flat - if that idea/design came about as a function oh his employment. Then there is the non-compete clause, another noose around the neck.

Not saying it can't be done, just saying there are numerous roadblocks to success in this scenario. Best to develop something in an entirely different field, or, find a company that rewards you for developing new products....