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Originally Posted by smmmurf View Post
car is completely fine. stop worrying. you are imagining a different sound. the oil will be drained soon enough as it is, and the m3 takes 9+ quarts so you have not put in enough to make a difference.
Thats what I was hoping to hear. WHEW. Would it be ok to drive it for another 190 miles till service is due or should I get it done asap? If I can wait wo damaging or harming engine in anyway then ok. If there is a chance it might affect anything I rather get it done asap. This my first M so its kind of precious right now.

Is the M3 burning this much oil in the first 850 miles normal? I read that it is in some cases...then again some say its abnormal?

Originally Posted by Hierlevelz View Post
So are you worried bc the car is unusally low on oil or because you added something other than whats recommended? If the car is consuming oil at an unusally high rate I would not continue to drive the car and or add any additional oil. Oil level sensor could be bad and youre adding excess oil into the crankcase. If your worried about the type of oil i would not lose sleep over it if you plan on having an oil change done on Monday. If you not having it serviced for another 190 miles I still wouldnt lose sleep over it. This is a new car? What is the reccommended break in procedure?
yes its a new car..just under 900 miles. Recommended break in is dont go wot or over 5500RPM for the first 1200miles...Which I've been following but I do drive the car fairly hard while following those guide lines. Probably why my engine oil was low to begin with.

I think I feel a bit better.

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