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Crap I Put 1 quart 5W-30 Oil in by accident!

Ok so my new M3 showed oil level at minimum level add 1 qrt message today. It came on at about 850 miles only which I thought was a bit odd. Did a quick search on forum and seems to be quite common that m3 eats oil.

So I looked in the manual and it said 5W-30 was ok to add. So I got some Castrol 5w-30 and added in a quart. I noticed right away the engine didn't sound as throaty on the way home...

Then I did some more reading and found out that The M supplement manual says to use something completely different!!! Now I'm like freaking out b/c tmrw is sunday and dealer wont be available till Monday and I'm not fully due for my 1200 service yet. Plus I don't even have an appt. Car says I still got 190 miles to go! Crap!

What should I do? will the car be ok to drive? should I get it drained and put i new oil ASAP?? What to DO??