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Absolutely not. If the interior is anything close to the A5 loaner I had, the ergonomics are useless. I could go on and on.

I took my cls63 in for service and had a A5 loaner. There are so many annoying things about the A5 platform. The 1 foot tall gear selector. When the car is in park, you cant adjust anything on the dash like temperature, AC recirc, fan speed because the gear selector is in the damn way. It nearly touches all the buttons and you have to approach them at a weird angle, slipping your hand in from the side before pressing the buttons. Its a joke. Who ever decided to put all the buttons and LCD down at the bottom is and idiot and wasted a ton of space under the vents. The car drove me nuts. I know this is being picky, but go drive one and actually try to use all the features in it. Maybe its also my height, but moving my seat in every possible angle the gear selector blocks the view of the temp display. I have to literally lean forward off the back of my seat to read it. Makes me finally appreciate iDrive and BMW.

Compared to the simply CLS63 AMG interior. Even with tons of buttons, you can actually reach them, see then, and read their status.

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