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Originally Posted by CCLSVTM3 View Post
Tough questions.... No matter what, don't buy until your positive on what you want or you might end up being at this same spot in a few years....
You will always be in the same spot, no matter when you buy.

If you buy at the beginning of a car's life cycle, you will want the mid cycle improvements. If you buy mid cycle, you will wonder if you should wait until the new model comes out. There will ALWAYS be something new and improved coming. Just buy, and set in your mind to keep it for a decent number of years (4-5), before moving on. This will be long enough that you don't feel like you've thrown away money, and short enough that you can "hold out" until the next model is out and has all the bugs worked out. I also never buy a new version of a car in its first year of release.
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