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Originally Posted by thebishman View Post
Red Bull, McClaren and Ferrari are the top tier in F1 and have been for years, with Mercedes, Williams, Lotus etc being in the middle; (yes Brawn won in 2009 but that was primarily due to their diffuser and Button combo). Hamilton's chances of ever becoming an F1 champion again are now marginal, and he has allowed his management team to place money over titles. I for one am really disappointed in this decision as I thought he had more 'hunger' for Championships versus $s.
I agree 100%.

Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
Hard to win championships when our team continually makes amateur mistakes.
Pit stops, strategy, each week the mclaren team finds a way to fail Lewis.
You do watch the races right? They currently have THE best pit stops and one of the quickest cars on track both in qualy and race trim. Face it... Lewis chose $$$ (and whatever 'fame' he thinks he's going to receive) over anything else.

As soon as the bubbles go flat in his champagne... he's going to realize just how much worse of a car he's in (or at least compared to what he's been used to).
He's an emotional princess about the small mistakes McLaren have made (yet worked out for the most part)... and not in a good way. Just wait until the dust settles and he's a constant 4-5-6th place consistently (I'm being optimistic here, given the fields track record this year). Good-bye 'better' qual-sessions too, with Merc's double-DRS not allowed next year. I hope Brawn has a rabbit in his hat and a big box of tissue for LH.