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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
The word "innovative" comes to mind. Unproven yes, thats where apple has all of its points, for me at least. Im tired of android and apple just doesnt really seem interesting to me. The support and stability are the things that draw me to the iphone while the lumia seems so new and interesting. Unproven, but new.
I like integrated mobile platforms personally. What I mean by that is I have an iPad, iPhone and iCloud. I buy/download an app, and it goes to all my devices. I take a picture, and it appears on all my devices. I surf a webpage on my iPhone, and I can pull up that website on my iPad via the cloud. The wife also has an iPhone, and we created a shared "Family" calendar so we can keep track of what each has planned, as well as our kids' schedule. I'm sure other platforms have that same capability, but I'm not sure. I do know the Apple version works pretty damn well.

I do run a PC for a home computer though, so the integration between Outlook and Apple is pretty mediocre. There have been times after syncing that I've got 3 versions of my calendar in Outlook, and 2 on the iPhone. But that is pretty minor, and I rely on the iPhone as the main calendar.

So I'm pretty invested in the Apple platform. It's like choosing Canon or Nikon DSLRs. Once you have the expensive lenses, you stick with the brand for the camera bodies. Now, if you are just starting out, or aren't heavily invested into a certain platform (music, movies, apps, etc.), then changing it up is easy.

I think the Lumia 920 plus the new Surface tablet would be a great combo, as both are running Windows. I just have no idea how robust the App store for Microsoft is. I don't need a billion different apps, but I do need the ones I use the most. As far as I can tell, my most-used apps (productivity and games) are not available through Microsoft.

I also wish that Samsung and Nokia would use better materials in the body. I like aluminum and glass. Samsung and Nokia use "polycarbonate", which is really just fancy plastic.

As for which carrier, well I think they all suck, so that really shouldn't factor much into the decision to get an "exclusive" phone. Yes, some are stronger in certain markets, but given how long the technology has been around (I've had a cell phone since 1993), the level of coverage and network capacity is exceptionally weak. At a college football last Thursday, with 55,000 in the stands. My iPhone 4S had basically no service (5 bars, 4G indicated.) But the network was overloaded: no text, email, voice, data), although the wife's iPhone 5 did have service. The guy behind me on Verizon? Same deal, no service.

In the end, it boils down to what YOU like and want. No need for fanboi-ism, either Apple, Samsung, Nokia or other. They all have excellent features, strengths and weaknesses. Decide for yourself which best meets your needs, and that's your phone.
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