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Originally Posted by cacofonix View Post
Hi Everyone,

My dealer just informed me that my car got here. He also mentioned that insurance is no problem and he will take care of that.

1. Is this a good idea or should I shop around for my own insurance before picking up the car?
2. What is the approx. cost of 6-month insurance on this car assuming standard comprehensive, collision and vandalism?
3. Who is the best insurance provider on this car?

The car is a 2013 Melbourne Red E92 ZCP. I put down 50% and Penfed approved the rest at 1.49%.


I work in the ins. business and think your questions are a little ridiculous for an adult buying a 70k car; but yes def shop around for your own insurance; Don't you have ins. now?? Best provider is subjective, but Chubb is prob the best carrier; approx. cost varies based on soooooooooo many variables/

Do your homework yourself rather than ask on an internet forum