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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
Serious question for you guys (i know you are apple people).

Why should i get the iPhone over the lumia 920? Seeing as i wont be able to get the 5 until around the same time as the lumia why not consider them both?

Ive had an android ever since the first one was released in the US. For me, its time for a change, so no more android.

Ive never been a huge apple fan but they do seem to work well based on others experiences. The lumia seems to be a much better phone, really not even close to me. But, apple is known to be pretty stable and has great support.

So, why should i get the 5? or should i get the lumia?
The apps. I think the Apple App Store is the largest of all of them. Yeah, there's a ton of crappy apps, but there are also a ton of good ones. Plus, since there will be nearly half a billion iOS devices sold by the end of next year, developers are concentrating on that platform.

How does the lumia seems to be a much better phone? Specs means nothing. The iPhone 5 trounced the stock Galaxy S3 in benchmarks, even though on paper it has half as many cores and a slower clock speed.

The build quality on the iPhone is generally much better than other phones, and the support is better too.

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