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Originally Posted by DD GT3 RD View Post
Sounds like a few people are comparing drivers not cars. If you are passing a car in a track it doesn't mean the car isn't capable
Originally Posted by Beemw335 View Post
Every magazine that had professional drivers drive both cars got better times in the boss.
Same driver, different car, thats the best way to compare them.
In a way, it does mean the car is less capable because if some novice in a mostly stock M3 running street rubber just smoked you in a Boss on R-compound then it means that your car is less forgiving and harder to drive at 10/10. The driver is only a part of that equation. The bigger part is how much confidence the car gives the driver. How well the car communicates with the driver and lets him know hey, you are past the limits of traction but even then, the M3 is so balanced and communicates so well that you can still drive out of it without losing time. I have not driven the Boss so everything I've said might be a moot point. Someone want to let me drive their Boss at VIR? In any case, the M3 is the bomb and those who doesn't push their car to the limit and then past it will never understand or appreciate what the M3 is about. They have no idea what they're missing, it's sad really....

As far as the same driver, different car argument. Every driver has different preference on how the car is setup/ behaves. Different drivers are faster in different cars. Know what I mean? In the end, all that matters is what you can do with the car which is why my point of view is so relevant.