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Originally Posted by jdgamble View Post
I think your total on both of those will be in the $8K neighborhood... maybe a little more. Well worth it if you really plan on keeping it for the full 100K. A set of brakes almost pays for the maint, and out of warranty repairs on this car are going to be silly expensive.
I don't see how a set of brakes could cost this much..
Originally Posted by WAHHKAOOM3 View Post
I'm assuming all ur care are virgins. Meaning no modifications. If you mod, there isn't a point of extending warranty
I thought the policy was that if the modification resulted or had a direct causal role it the failure of the system or component, then it wouldn't be covered. So I don't see anything wrong with modding wheels or even exhaust.
Originally Posted by Benjjman007 View Post
Maintenance includes clutch. Defiantly worth the money IMHO, clutch and brakes total over $4k.
The PenFed warranty doesn't cover the clutch, does anyone know which aftermarket warranties do cover the clutch?