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yea, the car is supercharged, but the supercharger is more of a problem than a benefit in wet... I mostly shifted at 6k rpm, and was not able to push to the limit (except on the main straights). If you giving the car more gas in a turn, it would instantly loose traction, so had to be careful with that (I had a lap where i was just going sideways all the time).

I lifted for the Eau Rouge cause it was just too slippery, and I could not keep to the right after the first left... so you will see me going too much left

Most of the time I tried taking a safe approach, and I didn't want to risk too much. On the first two sessions i was driving a lot calmer, getting used to the track and car behavior in wet.

Most cars in that session were also doing their 3rd round, and most of them were the fastest cars of the day. The GTR you see passing in the end, he was behind me all the way, and I just let him in the front for the last lap (courtesy)(and no, i was not blocking him, he was a distance away).