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Originally Posted by shuggy View Post
This sort of crackdown is so unacceptable. CHP and cops should be writing tickets for drivers tailgating, turning w/o signals, passing on the right, and other basic driving etiquette deficiencies that will you get you a ticket in say Europe and Japan. Not to mention, most of these are actual offenses, just rarely cited for.

Plus, ticketing for these offenses in higher volume should net them more $ if they need to combat budget deficits. When the US initiated a nationwide 55mph maximum speed rule to combat the oil embargo in the 70's and later repealed it (due to much controversy and opposition), the only major findings was the # of traffic tickets declined.

If I was a cop, I could ticket so many people, and speeding is only a minor fraction of the infractions I witness every time I'm on the road here.
Sounds like you've got a plan. Go for it! I hear CHP is Always hiring as well as PD's.
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