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Originally Posted by DominionXX View Post
New graduate of the class of 2013 !!!

Picked up my car today, unfortunately it was pouring in Houston, so I don't have any pro pics taken yet.

Car only had 5 miles on the odometer, PDI was done the second it got off the truck, so I would have it today. Surprisingly, the car was detailed very well. I had a chance to examine the car in the detailing room, which had CFL lighting. This light will show any paint defects, and I didn't see anything, no swirls, no holograms, was very impressed....... then I pulled it out to drive home, and was all wet from the rain :-)

As a side note. BMW Presence Plus, is the tire, wheel, windshield, and dent removal insurance... it retails for $2364 MSRP for 5 years. The finance guy offered the insurance at their cost. They don't use the actual BMW Presence Plus, they offer each of the protections thru third party vendors. The finance guy's quote was $3400, his cost .... hmmmm... needless to say, I didn't take the insurance. $3400 for 5 years, Jeez I spend $5,500 for my auto insurance for 5 years.. full coverage. I think he assumed that I wouldn't do my homework on this. Not worth it, at that price...

Any way, here are some pics:
She is gorgeous! Congrats on being a graduate of the class of 2013!
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