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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
I always thought it should be faster than M3, but after two events with local Mustang dealer and multiple events with mostly US domestic cars, I have yet to see a Boss that would pass me in normal conditions (almost stock M3 with DCT). I'll try to post up a video of me following an expert-student level driver (according to his instructor) in a Boss on R-comps (AD08 for me - so inferior tire). I could gain on him mostly on turn exists - seemed like he was struggling to put the power down while still cornering - and a bit on entrances because of his earlier and more gradual brake application (probably to minimize weight transfer or just not trusting brakes). Also, on the long straight I would shoot out on the turn faster, he would then gain speed a bit quicker, but not enough to pull away significantly.
Well like I said, he was driving better than me, had stickier tires and was sitting lower. When only a few seconds separates the full potential of two cars, you are in fact comparing the drivers.

There is a wide disparity in each run group at all the track events I've been to. Slow guys in fast cars and fast guys in slow cars. Then there are the fast guys in fast cars.

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