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Originally Posted by Totti View Post
So If i plug my standard iPhone 5 USB into my car it should play over USB? If true that's awesome.

I have been using my iPhone 4 cradle to date, but have noticed that the Y cable produces clearer sound? Could this be related or just perceived? At the moment as my iPhone 4 cradle broke anyway I have been using my old iphone 4 plugged into the Y cable as a dedicated music device. i was planning to grab an iPhone 5 media cradle as soon as one comes out though.
If your car was produced 9/2010 or later, then yes a standard USB cable will work. I'm doing it right now.

I don't think there's a difference between the cradle and cable; both I believe are digital on 9/2010 and later cars -- but the cradle MIGHT still be using analog. I honestly wouldn't recommend getting the iPhone 5 cradle unless you really need to keep that USB port free for a different device. The iPhone doesn't have an external antenna tap so reception improvements are minimal to none, and even if you have BMW Apps, the video playback feature is lame (only works while parked anyway) and PlugIn is useless IMHO given how slick iDrive's normal interface is. So in the end you're paying a ton of money for essentially a second USB port. Just my 2 cents after having purchased a Media cradle for my 4S and sold it several months later never having used it except once to confirm it worked and check out the video features.
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