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Originally Posted by Mmmdreamer View Post
Still check this joint modding but getting older (well...32...) and finding it harder and harder to justify spending big on mods...I kinda like no being super stressed about driving into NYC and parking (not lowered, just stock 19s) but if I really had my way, it would be lowered with some fat a$$ deep dishes.

Though for those of us who have lost a bunch of money in stocks...atleast modding is honest about the money you won't recoup =)

Did buy a Matte Black M3 emblem yesterday...hoorah!
I am in the same boat. I pretty much did the basics to get it where I wanted and cost me another $10,000 on top of the car. Now I am back to exotic firearms.

When I was in my 20's I didn't care and spent thousands and thousands and was in car magazines, won at HIN, etc. Now that I am over 30 I have no motivation since I was at the top of that game in 2004-2006. Its boring now. lol House and X5 fill the void now.