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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Go back and look at the above video again so you can understand that these folks are living on your tax dollars too and they believe they should. As the toothless gentleman said "I think I deserve food stamps I have no employment".
Ah yes, 1 guy did. I'm guessing he probably is not associated with all the others who said they would rather starve than take a handout. Too bad, peer pressure might encourage him to engage in a bit of self-reliance if he was.

While I'm not thrilled that he was doing that, at least he didnt say anything about Uncle Sam owing him a phone, as well. Perhaps there is more hope for him, after all, if he ever decides to try and become an economic contributor: he'll have to wean himself off 1 less dependency.

Al's Rules for a sustainable, healthy society:
1.Try and be a net economic contributor; give more than you take.
2.If you cant contribute to the pot, the next best thing is to try and not consume from it either.
3.If you cant manage that, at least try and consume less, rather than more.
4.If you cant even manage #3 either, then for pete's sake, at least refrain from encouraging others to shuffle up to the trough also (vote for Obama to get a free phone)