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Originally Posted by attila View Post
You maybe right about the 991 turbo, however my situation is such that if I want to keep my GT3RS I need to trade in my DD (the M3) no more garage space. That means the car should perform as a DD and I think the turbo could be better in that. If I get the viper I will trade in the GT3RS for the viper and the M3 for a 911 4S as DD.
Well, would you DD the GT3RS? Cause quiet honestly there isnt much difference between that and the turbo in DD ability.

I had a 997 turbo PDK and a 997.2 GT3 (not RS) and the backseat is useless so lets pretend its gone like in the GT3 & RS. Also the active suspension really doesnt help that much and theres the exact same interior space and minimal trunk space. The turbo does have a bit more grunt around town and can get on it easier without being noticed as its dead quiet. Im not sure I could daily a 911/991 variant of any sort since I like having a trunk and the inside is cramped. In fact I picked up my GT-R after the PDK turbo and thought I would DD it the most because of the large size inside and large trunk. At nearly half the price I couldn't care about depreciation and mileage as much. I don't DD the GT-R, but I do try to drive it the most often of all my cars. My current DD is a 335 sedan or the X5. I am definitely holding out for the new M3 sedan as the daily replacement. I suppose there are many people who DD a Porsche and GT-R, but god that must be exhausting at the end of the day if you commute much more than 15 miles or run errands middle of the day. I typically get in and out of my car at least 10 times a day depending on meetings, stops, lunch, gas or market etc. Just kind of an idea since I have tried it with both similar cars. I did consider a basic 991 for a daily though. The price wasn't too step and most the time I could never use the turbo around town anyways. However, all logic went out the window and I got the GT-R lol.
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