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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing
I think its tough too...

For me the option is either going to be upgrade to a Porsche (911 or cayman R/S) or go for another M3/4 when it comes out. I have not been a huge fan of BMWs turbo engines since they started so I am a very hesitant about the new m3/4.
But they're going to call it an M4 though....

Honestly, if you get a Sweeeeet deal on a trade for a comp pkg + what other options you want, then go for it and keep the car till you decide whether you like the next M or not. If you do, that could also give you time for BMW to work out the kinks in that car within the first few years. Just my opinion.

If you DON'T get a good deal, just spend some of the money you would have on a new ride to mod away.

I personally wouldn't be able to live without a Nav screen. My Civic Si even has a Navigation, so I know the temptations you are feeling and as far as I know you can add a factory navigation to your car.

Good luck with your decision!