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First off, while I admit there is a slight chance that your video was all staged by some malicious group, I really don't think it was, although I concede I cannot prove it either way.

I do think that is an unvarnished, accurate portait of those people as well, just like the first one was. I wont try and suggest to you that conservatives cant possibly be that bad, so it's an example of Dog Whistle politics or a big ruse.

The one thing that stood out in that video compared to the other one, is that people literally said they would rather starve, and uphold their convictions, than take handouts they dont believe in.

The tone of the other video was much more opportunistic, do this to get something for free. I almost got the impression that if someone else came along, and offered them even MORE free stuff, they'd switch alligiances pretty quick. Wheras the video you posted, money was not their motivating factor; they'd do without money before they'd betray their beliefs.

In both cases, they are acting in a way that is IMHO not in their own best interest, which of course is their right. The key difference is that one of those two groups is only bringing harm to themselves by acting that way, they are not costing anyone else money. You wanna shoot yourself in the foot, go right ahead. You wanna hit me with the crossfire when you do so, I got a problem with that.